Entreprenow is a network for entrepreneurial people.

We do this by connecting existing communities and their members with members from similar communities.
Thereby, we facilitate inter-community exchange between all our members.
We and most of our communities are headquartered in Munich (Germany), however, our members are located worldwide.
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Our Community of Communities

Entreprenow was founded in March of 2021, and was spun-out of two well-established Munich-based entrepreneurial communities: CDTM and Manage and More.

Why join Entreprenow

Cross-Community Communication

Do you know of a platform that connects all 21 communities? That’s right, Entreprenow’ slack space allows you to connect with over 1800 (and growing) like-minded people.

Access to Community events

We regularly host events like Entreprenights, Community Pitch Nights or Mentoring Programs. Access is always provided through our Slack space.

Empowerment through tech infrastructure

We have set up a range of tools to lower the barrier for you to get active within Entreprenow’s community. Everything from Notion to Eventbrite, templates for slides, project planning – all set up and ready for you to use.

Our primary goal is to connect entrepreneurial minds by growing our community - we value network health, content quality and controlled growth. Entreprenow is Slack-based and has grown to +1800 members within 3 years.


When you ask Munich-based founders, where they met their co-founders, many will tell you the name of an entrepreneurial community in Munich. While some startups were founded by people of the same community, there are plenty who were united by their entrepreneurial spirit and had their background from different communities. We founded Entreprenow to simplify the connection between communities and their members – coining the words “community building” and “inter-community-communication”.

Picture Remy
Remy Goldstein
Remy is a CDTM alumnus & PushQuantum member with a background in business administration & education, having studied at LMU.
Picture Remy
Selina Mayer
Selina is a Manage and More alumna with a background in mathematics, having studied at TUM and Stanford.

We pride ourselves on inclusivity, so no matter if you are part of one of these communities or not, please reach out if you’d like to become part.

Ways to join Entreprenow’s community

Join Entreprenow as a member and become part of our community!

Are you a startup, VC or corporate and interested in becoming partners? We are looking forward to your message.

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